My Brompton as day of May 11, 2013

Finally, my Brompton is ready to go after few fine tunings and modifications since May 1.

051113_001Just completed (titanium parts were polished)
完成したところ (チタン部分はポリッシュ仕上げ)
* Unfortunately, it is raining today, so I will take photos outside later.

Customized logo as a mark of respect for Loro Setagaya and Kadowaki Coating 
ローロ世田谷 と カドワキコーティング に敬意を表する意味でつけたカスタムのロゴ 


Another angle


Weight measureing...


It was originally 9.76kg, then it became 8.040kg last time and now it's 7.915kg
元の重さは9.76kg, 前回は8.040kg, 今回の計測で7.915kg

As I planned and mentioned in one of my article on the other day, as I did not want to do some mods little by little, I am happy to come this far shorly after initial state on May 1.

Most difficult part in this customized Brompton is wait-saving at the same time keeping same tone or texture of each parts. There are number of different lighter parts than what I got in the market, but when putting those together, they look pretty much inconsistent. In fact there are a few parts I did not choose either because they were too heavy or did not look good / consistent. In other words, consistency + weight-saving is key in my Brompton.

FIY, Loro Setagaya is sharing photo of this bike at facebook ( whole bikelogorear frame ).
ちなみに、ローロ世田谷のFacebookで( 車体、    ロゴ 、   リアフレーム ) 写真を共有していただいている。

I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words to express my great application to everyone in Loro Setagaya and Kadowaki Coating, who helped and put things together to make this Brompton.
この場を借りて、このブロンプトンの完成に関わられたローロ世田谷の皆さんと、カドワキコーティングの皆さんにお礼を述べたい。  本当にどうもありがとうございました。

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Status update - my new brompton as day of May 1

Just got new Brompton, I am very happy but have not had time to take more photo as I am still fine-funing few areas.

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