Available tires for Brompton in Japan

I have found an old but well written article (JPN only) about different tires for Brompton. Although Green label and Yellow label have been discontinued already, it is worth seeing the article.  Currently (May 4, 2013), as far as I know, these 4 tires are available for Brompton in Japan. / 古い情報だが、ブロンプトンで使えるタイヤについてよく書かれた記事を見つけた。グリーンラベルとイエローラベルは既に廃止されたが、この記事は見ておいて損は無いだろう。現在の所(2013/05/04)、私が知る限りはこれら4種のタイヤが日本では販売されている。

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Status update - my new brompton as day of April 26

Currently, I am waiting for my new Brompton (S2L-X) with some mods. I have seen it in original shape for a few minutes in the past, but have not seen it in final shape as it's not ready yet. My plan for this Brompton is to include as much custom as possible upon delivery and minimize later customization little by little. For this reason, I suppose that I had set my goal and expectation for my Brompton relatively high.

Recently I'm updating this blog relatively often, but once I got my bike, I will probably not update this blog so much as I want enjoy riding on it.



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