Roller replacement - 2 / ローラーの代わりに - 2

I have made following pieces out of aluminum shaft, which should replace original rollers, based on prototype I made on the other day. / ローラーを置き換えるために、先日作った試作品をベースに、下記のようなパーツをアルミ棒から製作した


3 pairs, different length, with original roller (46g / pair including the bolt)

16g16g / pair (this pair is in the middle of above photo).
Other pairs are 17g or 15g.
Total wight would be 19 - 21g/pair including Titanium bolts.

2個で16g (このセットは上の写真で真ん中の2つだ)
残りのセットは、17g と 15g
チタンボルト込みの合計の重さは1セット19 - 21gとなる。
The reason why these parts are longer than height of original wheel is that I am planning to own new brompton without mudguard. I have noticed that original roller or easy wheel are too small concernig fitting front wheel into the right position when the bike is folded. Thus, this parts will lift the bike little higher so that front wheel fits well.


The protptype was made simple solid stick, on the other hand, above pieces are hollow shaft to reduce weight. Then rubber sponge was added on the tip of piece.

One day I will share some photo once my new brompton with this parts is ready.

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Roller replacement / ローラーの代わりに

Currently, I am planning to remove original roller, and put something instead to stablize Brompton while folded (even without fender). 今のところ、オリジナルのローラーを取り外し、たたんだ状態のブロンプトンが(フェンダー無しでも)安定するようにローラーの代わりに何かをつけることを考えている。


Prototype, different length, made from aluminum

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